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Promoting Wellbeing in Children Dr Trudie Rossouw
Discover Your Potential Dr Trudie Rossouw
Promoting Mental Health Dr Trudie Rossouw
Promoting Wellbeing in Children
Promoting mental health and wellbeing in children and families; empowering all to reach their potential
Discover your Potential
Promoting mental health and wellbeing in children and families; empowering all to reach their potential
Promoting Mental Health
Promoting mental health and wellbeing in children and families; empowering all to reach their potential
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Dr. Trudie Rossouw

Trudie RossouwDr Trudie Rossouw is a child and adolescent psychiatrist, fully registered with the General Medical Council. With over 20 years experience treating all child and adolescent mental health conditions, she currently works as consultant psychiatrist at the Priory Hospital, Chelmsford and the North London Priory Hospital. She is also a qualified MBT-A therapist, supervisor, trainer and course leader and an honorary senior lecturer at University College London, as well as Clinic Director at Stepping Stones Clinic, London.

  • MBChB FFPsych MRCPsych MD (Res)
  • Qualified Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
  • Qualified Psycho-Analyst
  • Qualified MBT-A therapist, supervisor and trainer.

Conditions Treated

Dr Rossouw works collaberatively with you and your family to create a treatment programme suited to your needs. We treat the following conditions:

Please click on the hyperlinks of the conditions below which will take you to the fact sheets on each condition.

Attention deficit and hyperactivity: Difficulties with attention, concentration, impulsivity and restlessness or fidgetiness.

This includes a wide range of anxiety conditions, such as the following:
Social anxiety - Feeling terrified in social situations.
General anxiety - Tendency to worry about many things.
School refusal.
OCD - Obsessive worrying and compulsive rituals in order to reduce the anxiety.
Separation anxiety - this often involves someone feeling extremely anxious in the absence of an attachment figure. The anxiety can be expressed as anxiety, but at times can also be expressed as anger outbursts or school refusal.

Autism and Asperger’s: These conditions are known as social communication disorders and refers to difficulties with socialisation, communication, rigidity and is often associated with anxiety or difficulty managing complex emotions.

Depression: This includes feelings of depression; feelings of hopelessness; feelings of despair and worthlessness, social withdrawal and at times feeling as if life is not worth it.
I also work with young people with mood swings and not just with depression.

Eating disorders - These are mostly known as anorexia or bulimia or a combination of both.

Family problems such as disruption after separation or divorce of parents.

Self harm and cutting issues are usually seen in children with low self-esteem and low confidence, loneliness, sadness and numbness.

Children and young adolescents can suffer from traumatic stress and trauma, and generally have issues with controlling their own emoitions and behaviour.

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About Dr Rossouw

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